SDG&E in the Community

Our San Diego roots go back nearly 140 years. We have a long history of supporting community-based organizations that are dedicated to improving our region.


SDG&E's 2023 Community Assistance Fund

The SDG&E Community Assistance Fund is a $10-million shareholder-funded grant program that provides local  non-profit organizations with transformational support  ranging from $250,000 to $1 million. It's the single largest one-year charitable initiative SDG&E  has ever launched. 


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Climate Action

Climate Action

Supporting efforts that advance climate literacy, urban greening and habitat restoration

Accelerating Climate Action

Emergency Preparedness and Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Collaborating with local first responders and regional partners to build safer communities

Preparing for Emergencies

K-16 STEM & Leadership

K-16 STEM & Leadership

Investing in K-16 STEM and leadership development programs that inspire tomorrow's innovators

Inspiring Future Leaders

Economic Prosperity

Economic Prosperity

Building a more equitable, diverse economy through entrepreneurship and workforce readiness programs

 Advancing Economic Prosperity

SDGE Giving Impact Snapshop Infographic
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SDG&E Giving Impact Snapshot
SDG&E Giving Impact Snapshot
Community Volunteerism

Community Volunteerism

Empowering our employees to support and work with hundreds of local organizations

 Giving Back to Our Communities

Meet Our Partners

San Diego College of Continuing Education Foundation

"San Diego Gas & Electric has partnered with San Diego College of Continuation to provide a state of the art Utility Line Clearance Arborist Training Program. Graduates leave the program prepared to be safe and productive workers on a line clearance crew. As a result of SDG&E’s generous training funds, low-income San Diegans are entering a high-demand, high-wage career path.”

Healthy Day Partners

“When communities plant fruit trees, the benefits grow beyond increased property value and curb appeal to provide nourishing food that improves residents' health and quality of life, now and in the future. It’s an honor to partner with SDG&E on the Healthy Communities Fruit Tree Program, and to share the belief that everyone deserves a healthy day.”

Lynne P
American Red Cross

“It’s so important to have a corporation that really cares about the community and is focused on making sure that the community is ready to go in an emergency. I think SDG&E and the American Red Cross will work together for years to come to make sure that this is the most prepared community in the country.”

Steven J
San Diego Audubon Society

"Partners like SDG&E and their passionate team make the protection of critical habitat and species possible. They also help to build a community of engaged citizens who value our rich biodiversity and are committed to making a difference.”

Elementary Institute of Science

“Women are dramatically underrepresented in technology fields like drones. With programs like Girls Take Flight, we are making progress to change that.”