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How does the EV-HP Pricing Plan Work?

Simple, Stable Monthly Billing

The EV-HP Pricing Plan allows EV customers to choose the amount of power they will need to charge their vehicles and pay for it with a monthly subscription fee — similar to a cell phone plan that lets customers choose the amount of data they will use.

SDG&E’s reduced charging rates and simpler billing make the transition to electric vehicles easier and more cost-effective, especially if you have an EV fleet. SDG&E’s new Electric Vehicle-High Power (EV-HP) pricing plan is designed to eliminate demand charges and provide customers with simple, stable, monthly billing.  Below is the information fleet program participants will need to transition to EV-HP.

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Available Now: EV-HP Billing Pricing Plan

Save on Your Fleet’s EV Charging by Eliminating Demand Charges

Beyond emission reductions and sustainability goals, long-term cost savings is a major reason that fleets are deploying electric vehicles (EVs). However, fluctuating electricity prices can increase the cost of charging and deter businesses from making that transition.

To provide simpler and more predictable billing, SDG&E has introduced the EV-HP pricing plan. For fleet program customers, it allows you to subscribe to a simple pricing plan that is matched to your fleet’s power consumption.

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Am I eligible for the fleets program?

The EV-HP pricing plan is available to eligible customers for their EV charging. For Power Your Drive for Fleets, this is a broad range of on- and off-road medium- and heavy-duty EVs. The EV-HP pricing plan is an optional rate plan for this program.

PYDFF Program Eligibility

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How to charge at the lowest price

The EV-HP pricing plan utilizes reduced Time of Use (TOU) energy charges that are incurred based on the time of day you use electricity, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). These rates have a steep differential between “on-peak” and “super off-peak” prices to encourage fleet customers to charge during periods of lowest demand.

Time of Use Energy Charges for EV-HP Customers

TOU Energy Charges Chart

Note: Summer pricing is June through October. Winter pricing is applicable November through May.

SDG&E can assist with historical demand information, if available, to assist EV-HP customers in determining their monthly power needs and choose the right subscription level. If maximum power demand is:

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To apply, contact your account executive or call us at 1-800-336-7343.

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For more information on the resources available to fleets transitioning to electric vehicles, please visit the Power Your Drive for Fleets program page.

For any other questions regarding reduced charging rates for fleets, please contact your account executive or the Customer Care Center at 1-800-411-7343.